Sitemap - 2024 - Tank Talks

Embracing Change and Navigating Mid-Career Crises with Jordan Nahmias of Unstuck Consulting

Demystifying VC Fundraising: A Roadmap for Emerging Managers with Winter Mead of Coolwater Capital

News Rundown with Jon Love of KingSett Capital

From Bay Street to Bakery Street with Nicolas Mulroney of Bond Bakery Brands

Surviving the Trenches: The Hard Truths of Fundraising with John Li of Vimcal

News Rundown: Federal Budget Review

News Rundown: Ottawa Invests $2.4B in AI, J.P. Morgan Grand Vision of AI's Future, and the Future of Higher Ed

News Rundown: Cohere raising $500M with PSP, Schools Sue Social Media for $4.5B, Going Private, and SBF gets sentenced

Going Global: How Export Development Canada is Launching Canadian Tech Startups Worldwide with Pascal Britt-Cote

The Power of Flexible Capital in Tech's Expansion Era with Randy Garg of Vistara Growth

Canada's AI Surge Leading the Next Tech Frontier with Alex Kolicich of 8VC

Scaling B2B Sales: How Scalestack Uses AI to Transform Sales Ops with Elio Narciso

News Rundown with John Ruffolo: 2023's Venture Dip, Rise of Zombie Firms, PE Trends in US/Canada, Foundry’s Shutdown, Founders’ Return, & AI’s Surge

Venture Frontiers: Navigating the New Dynamics of Defense Tech Investing with Jake Chapman of Marque Ventures

Crossing Borders, Bridging Gaps: A Vision for Pre-Seed Success in Canadian Tech with Alex McIsaac of Northside Ventures

NBA All-Star Baron Davis on Bringing Business to Athletes and Investing as a Sport

Sergey Gribov of Flint Capital on thriving within the conflict, expanding into the US, and the current markets

News Rundown with John Ruffolo: Capital Crunch, Carta Lapse, and IMF talks AI

PLG Growth Strategies for Startups with Adam Jarczyn of PC Health