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Private Equity Insights: Strategic Growth with Nolan Bederman of Bederman Capital

Private Equity Insights: Strategic Growth with Nolan Bederman of Bederman Capital

Episode 193

This week's guest is Nolan Bederman of Bederman Capital discusses the evolving landscape of private equity, emphasizing the importance of strategic growth, innovation, and building strong management partnerships. He highlights the need to balance technology and business operations, address regulatory challenges, and prioritize psychological insight in investment decisions. Bederman also critiques the Canadian regulatory environment, calling for a more supportive approach to entrepreneurship to drive productivity and economic growth.

About Nolan Bederman:
Nolan Bederman is the Executive Chair of the Lifespeak and is also the founder and managing partner of Bederman Capital Corp., a private equity business focused on investing in North American growth companies.

In 2017, he formalized a partnership with New York-based Reynolds Channel Capital Partners, a private equity fund focused on making similar investments.

Before founding Bederman Capital Corp., Nolan was a co-founding partner of Genuity Capital Partners, a mid-market private equity fund, where he spent almost ten years leading numerous successful private equity investments. Prior to joining Genuity, Mr. Bederman was an Executive Director in private equity at CIBC Capital Partners. Mr. Bederman was also a Vice President in the US Mergers & Acquisitions group of Merrill Lynch & Co., where he focused on advising global companies in the capital/consumer goods, transportation, food, and pharma sectors.

He graduated with a combined JD/MBA program from the University of Toronto and a BA (Econ.) from the University of Western Ontario.

In this episode, we discuss:

(01:00) Career Transition and Private Equity Beginnings

(02:25) Building and Growing Businesses

(04:00) Notable Investments and Lessons Learned

(08:13) Challenges and Learning from Failures

(11:00) The Role of Trust in Private Equity

(15:22) Engagement in Companies and Private Equity Dynamics

(20:14) Psychology in Private Equity

(25:17) Private Equity Landscape Changes

(29:00) Advice for Aspiring Private Equity Professionals

(34:35) Technological Innovation and Business Strategy

(41:11) Mental Health in the Workplace

(45:52) Impact of Canadian Economic Policies

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