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Sergey Gribov of Flint Capital on thriving within the conflict, expanding into the US, and the current markets

Sergey Gribov of Flint Capital on thriving within the conflict, expanding into the US, and the current markets

Episode 175

Sergey shares his evolution from a startup operator to venture capitalist and how his experience shaped him as an investor.

Sergey grew up in Israel and we talk about why Israel’s startup ecosystem has been so successful for so many years even as it grapples with the current conflict.

Sergey shares his thoughts around how startups should think about expansion to the U.S from overseas and how to know when you are ready to enter other markets.

Lastly Sergey shares his thoughts on the potential rise of Management led buyouts in todays startup world and why we might see more of them in VC-backed startups that are underwater.

About Sergey Gribov:
Sergey Gribov is General Partner at Flint Capital where he invests in VoIP, cybersecurity, digital health, and finance.

Sergey's educational background is as impressive as his professional achievements. He is an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he earned his MBA as a Sloan Fellow. This prestigious program is designed for mid-career global executives and entrepreneurs, focusing on entrepreneurship, finance, technology, and innovation management. Additionally, Sergey holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science, Cum Laude, from Beer-Sheva University. His academic pursuits have played a significant role in shaping his analytical and strategic approach to business challenges.

In this episode, we discuss:

(1:20) Sergey's Background and Journey into Startups and Investing

(2:38) Experience in the Israeli Startup Ecosystem

(6:03) Shift to Business and Angel Investing

(13:26) Collaborative Nature of the Israeli Ecosystem

(17:26) Managing Operations During Conflict

(21:30) Market Dynamics and Venture Capital Ecosystem

(30:54) Management Buyouts in Startups

(34:01) Advice for Founders in Current Market Conditions

Fast Favorites:

  1. 🎙- Favorite Podcast: 20VC, Lex Fridman

  2. 📰- Favorite Newsletter / Blog: Social Media

  3. 📲- Favorite Tech Gadget: Google Pixel

  4. 📈-  Favorite New Trend: LLMs

  5. 📚- Favorite Book: Never Split the Difference

  6. 🤔 - Favorite Life Lesson: They're all luck plays in our life.

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