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News Rundown with Jon Love of KingSett Capital

News Rundown with Jon Love of KingSett Capital

Episode 189

Our focus on the 2024 Canadian Federal budget continues, we have Jon Love Executive Chair and Founder of KingSett Capital back to discuss the lack of emphasis on fostering prosperity and a shrinking GDP per capita.

While the budget offers some incentives aimed at improving housing affordability and encouraging investments in Canada, the increase in capital gains tax and other measures may slow down real estate development.

Notably, the budget doesn't sufficiently tackle the need to boost the housing supply, which is essential for a healthy real estate market. These tax hikes and regulations could also deter investments and lead capital to flee the country. The budget overlooks important challenges faced by small and medium businesses and predominantly focuses on demand without sufficiently addressing supply issues.

In this episode, we discuss:

(00:46) - Overview of the 2024 Canadian Federal Budget and its real estate implications

(01:32) - Discussion on new incentives and the overshadowing impact of capital gains increase

(05:12) - Challenges in the condo market and strategies for developers

(09:28) - The misconceptions around financialization in real estate

(13:24) - Necessity for a prosperity agenda and strategies for economic growth

(17:31) - Potential effects of the budget on small and medium businesses

(19:19) - The long-term consequences of current government policies

About Jon Love:
Jon Love is the Executive Chair and Founder of KingSett Capital, a prominent private equity real estate investment firm. Since its inception in 2002, KingSett has impressively managed over $17 billion in assets, earning a strong reputation for its effective investment strategies across various sectors, including Growth, Income, Urban Development, Mortgage, Residential Development, and Affordable Housing.

Before his leadership at KingSett, Jon had a distinguished career at Oxford Properties, beginning in 1980 and eventually becoming President in 1987 and then CEO in 1992. He notably guided Oxford's transition to a publicly traded company in 1995. In 2001, Oxford was privatized when it was acquired by the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) in a $4 billion deal.

Jon actively participates in prestigious business organizations and has received numerous accolades for his leadership and academic achievements, including an Honorary Doctorate from Western University in 2016, membership in the Order of Canada (C.M.) in 2018, and prestigious awards such as the Ivey Business Leader of the Year Award and the NAIOP Rex Icon Award in 2023.

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