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NBA All-Star Baron Davis on Bringing Business to Athletes and Investing as a Sport

NBA All-Star Baron Davis on Bringing Business to Athletes and Investing as a Sport

Episode 176

We welcome NBA superstar Baron Davis, who shares his insights into the transition from sports to business. Baron shares his journey growing up in South Central LA and how he leveraged the advice from mentors and fellow athletes to help build a lasting legacy beyond his NBA days.

Baron's story is not just about sports, it's about leveraging his athletic career into a second act in business, and how he was able to navigate the business landscape with the same agility he used on the court, and mentoring the next generation to do the same.

About Baron Davis:
Baron Davis is an entrepreneur, investor, and two-time NBA All-Star and record-holder. Known for his electrifying style on the court, Davis was a powerful point guard, who won acclaim for executing in crucial, high-pressure moments, when his team needed him the most. As a businessman, Baron was one of the original investors for Vitaminwater and helped launch Thrive Market.

Baron is also the founder of several companies, including Sports and Lifestyle in Culture (SLIC), The Black Santa Company, BIG, and No Label—each with the objective of combining creative talent with original publication and production to develop and provide educational and heartwarming stories that appeal to global audiences of all ages.

Baron also served as producer of several acclaimed documentaries including Crips and Bloods: Made In America, 30 for 30: Sole Man, and The Drew: No Excuse, Just Produce.

In this episode, we discuss:

(1:45) Basketball and finance lessons from early mentors shape Baron’s path

(3:08) Transition to Crossroads exposes him to diverse social dynamics, sparking entrepreneurial curiosity

(5:01) Early representation and self-navigation in his career

(7:00) The launches of BIG focusing on curated networking for athletes and investors

(11:56) BIG's educational and corporate partnership strategies aim for impactful industry connections

(14:08) The importance of efficiently using athletes' time off the court and ensuring meaningful business interactions

(16:37) BIG's approach to education and corporate partnerships, aiming for impactful connections across various industries

(19:42) BIG's role in fostering business relationships in sports

(21:24) Forming productive partnerships between athletes and entrepreneurs

(26:36) His personal investment story with Vitamin Water

Fast Favorites:

  1. 🎙- Favorite Podcast: All The Smoke, Earn Your Leisure, Lewis Howes

  2. 📈-  Favorite New Trend: AI, VR-AR, Digital Asset Protection

  3. 📚- Favorite Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Tipping Point

  4. 🤔 - Favorite Life Lesson: Be happy for the things you have, be happy for the people that are in your life, and you can't control what other people do

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