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Going Global: How Export Development Canada is Launching Canadian Tech Startups Worldwide with Pascal Britt-Cote

Going Global: How Export Development Canada is Launching Canadian Tech Startups Worldwide with Pascal Britt-Cote

Episode 183

On this week’s Tank Talks, we're joined by Pascal Britt-Cote from Export Development Canada (EDC). Pascal breaks down how EDC supports Canadian tech globally, far beyond just physical goods, aiding software and service sectors with knowledge, connections, and financial support to scale internationally.

EDC's initiatives include specialized tech units, engagement at key tech events, and partnerships with tech bankers and associations. Utilizing its worldwide offices, EDC connects Canadian firms with global partners and customers. Pascal also highlights EDC's investment matching program for midsize companies, providing targeted financial support based on growth plans.

About Pascal Britt-Cote:
Pascal Britt-Cote works as the Regional Director, Mid-Market Business for the technology sector for the province of Ontario. He supports a team of talented Relationship Managers located in Ottawa, Toronto and Kitchener / Waterloo. During his 16 years at EDC he's had the opportunity to be part of different teams including underwriting EDC's three suites of products: International Financial Guarantee (IFG), International Trade Guarantee (ITG) and Account Receivable Insurance (ARI). He started his EDC career in 2007 as an Account Manager.

He has a BCom with a specialization in Management from the University of Ottawa and also holds an MBA from the University of Montreal.

In this episode, we discuss:

(01:38) Started working at EDC 17 years ago, interested in international trade and finance. Worked in various roles within EDC, currently leads the Ontario tech mid-market team.

(03:02) EDC supports companies that export goods, services, or software. Focuses on five key subsectors including software and B2B.

(04:46) Since 2018, EDC has focused on the tech sector, creating tech units in Ontario and Quebec to understand and support the sector better.

(07:13) Describes EDC as evolving and more engaged with tech companies. Initial meeting with companies to understand their needs and how EDC can support them.

(09:21) EDC can assist founders and sales leaders looking for international partners and customers.

(11:47) Explains that every country has an Export Credit Agency (ECA) like EDC; the U.S. equivalent is EXIM.

(12:31) EDC's mid-market team handles accounts with sales from $10M to $300M. Criteria for support include having an export angle and a signed equity term sheet.

(20:13) EDC helped companies during COVID by providing bonds and standby letters of guarantee to ease supplier payment terms.

(26:20) EDC supports companies with knowledge on expanding internationally, including understanding local markets, legal and tax compliance.

(30:59) EDC aims to connect with as many tech companies as possible, offering knowledge, connections, and financial solutions.

(32:26) Highlights the Indo Pacific region's growing importance and EDC's focus on sectors with the highest growth potential.

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