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The Journey to CEO with Rob Kumer of KingSett Capital

The Journey to CEO with Rob Kumer of KingSett Capital

Episode 194

This week we welcome Rob Kumer, CEO of KingSett Capital, to share his journey from an analyst to CEO, the evolution of KingSett Capital, and the strategic moves that have shaped the firm into a $17 billion private equity real estate powerhouse.

Rob provides insights into the impact of global experiences on his career, the challenges and opportunities of zero-carbon buildings, and the future of office spaces amid market bifurcation and work-from-home trends.

About Rob Kumer:
Rob Kumer is the Chief Executive Officer of KingSett Capital.

As the chair of KingSett’s Investment Committee, Rob oversees new investment activities, shapes the project finance strategy, and steers the mortgage lending business. His leadership extends to chairing the Management Committee, where he ensures the ongoing implementation and oversight of the firm’s business strategy.

Rob's academic background includes a degree in Honours Business Administration from the Ivey Business School at Western University, where he also serves on the Advisory Board. Beyond his professional achievements, Rob is dedicated to community service as a director of the Sinai Health System Foundation in Toronto.

In this episode, we discuss:

(01:19) Rob shares his career path from growing up in Toronto to becoming KingSett Capital's CEO

(03:12) His early career in real estate development and his tenure at RioCan

(04:45) His decision to join KingSett Capital and John Love's influence on his career trajectory

(11:50) KingSett Capital's growth and diverse investment strategies, emphasizing successful capital raising

(17:55) The creation of the urban infill fund and its strategy of acquiring key street corners in Toronto

(23:44) KingSett's strategic decisions during the early months of the pandemic

(29:47) Insights into the current state of commercial real estate and the impact of rising interest rates

(30:34) Market bifurcation and the future of office spaces, with a focus on Toronto

(33:12) The performance of AAA office buildings versus lower-tier properties

(37:36) The continued evolution of office space design to meet changing needs

(43:26) The challenges and value creation opportunities in achieving zero-carbon buildings

(48:56) Rob’s views on the proposed capital gains decisions in Canada and their potential investment impact

(54:09) The importance of building relationships for success in both personal and professional life

Fast Favorites

🎙 Favorite Podcast: Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris

📰 Favorite Newsletter / Blog: DealBook by Andrew Ross Sorkin

📲 Favorite Tech Gadget: AutoDrive in his car, his bicycle

📈 Favorite New Trend: Neck ties and working from the office

🤔 Favorite Life Lesson: Make relationships

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