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The Future of Pet Tech with Pawp founder and CEO Marc Atiyeh

The Future of Pet Tech with Pawp founder and CEO Marc Atiyeh

The petcare industry is a $100 billion dollar market, with about 2/3rds of US households owning a pet. Recently, consumers have started spending more on their pet’s health and well-being. On today’s show, we ask Marc about the petcare’s industry transition to healthtech, the effects the pandemic has had on pet adoption and ownership, and how startups like Pawp are helping owners take back control of their pet’s data.

About Marc Atiyeh
Marc Atiyeh is the founder/CEO of Pawp, a digital health clinic that provides unlimited access to licensed vets 24/7 & a $3,000/year pet emergency fund. Previously, he served as the CSO of Clarity Money (Acquired by Goldman Sachs) and  was the Head of Growth at Paribus (acquired by Capital One.) He graduated from Harvard with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

In this episode we discuss:

01:58 How has PetTech evolved since the inception of the industry

03:53 Why has it been so slow to adopt technology

06:04 Financial and informational inefficiencies in the veterinary space

10:07 The replacement value of PetTech

12:48 Marc’s ground-up approach to building a pet startup

15:59 Why did it take so long for telehealth to enter the market

20:09 Closing the gap between prescriptions and telemedicine

24:11 Defending against larger retailers

30:39 How Pawp differentiates itself from its competitors

38:43 The impact of COVID on pet demand (COVID puppies) and how it affected the industry

44:28 Fundraising for Pawp Series A 

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