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Omri Mor from Routable.com on democratizing the B2B payments space and helping SMBs keep up with the larger enterprises when it comes to payments and billings

Omri Mor from Routable.com on democratizing the B2B payments space and helping SMBs keep up with the larger enterprises when it comes to payments and billings

Finding and talking to your potential customers and discovering product market fit is one of the biggest challenges facing new startups, but our guest today Omri Mor, co-founder and CEO of Routable.com found joy in that process. Over the course of 9 months, Omri and his co-founder visited over 170 companies and held over 350 conversations around the pain point of B2B payments. What they learned allowed them to successfully apply to Y Combinator without a working MVP, and find early traction with large customers.

Omri’s Background:
Omri Mor is a serial founder, previously founding Down App, Inc. and Ziibra. Omri completed his bachelor’s at University of Washington.

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Topics we discussed:

03:38 What lead Omri to B2B payments

06:03 What he discovered to realize that making a better system for B2B payments was possible

09:13 How complex business payments really are

10:00 How companies use internal resources to solve problems

10:50 Omri’s extensive research processes and the reason behind it

14:50 Why interviews were more important than live testing

17:06 How Routable got into YC without an MVP or other traditional metrics

19:03 What their YC experience was like

22:14 How Routable thinks about integrations

25:12 Securing large partnerships

27:13 Ticketmaster case study

29:22 How Routable saves customers up to 70% on bookkeeping

31:30 Literally licking envelopes for ReMax to learn about their payment process

32:38 The TAM for Routable

33:45 Data and analytics and the benefits of building manual reports

36:47 Omri’s pragmatic approach to crypto and real time payments

40:31 Routable’s competition

42:16 Discussing Routable’s $30M Series B round and it’s future

Omri’s Favorite Podcast
Bill Simmons

Omri’s Favorite Blog
His Inbox

Omri’s Favorite Tech Gadget
Powerbeats Pro

Omri’s Favorite New Trend
Gen Z’s discussion about money and FinTech

Omri’s Favorite Book
Across The Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn

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