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Bravo Matt! What a great podcast. Entrepreneurship at its best, very inspiring. And IMHO, Josh Sharkey has already discovered and confirmed what I recently wrote about in my LinkedIn post: Content Is Eating The World

“Exactly 10 years ago, Marc Andreessen coined his famous phrase “Software is eating the world”. And he wrote in a Wall Street Journal that: “We are in the middle of a dramatic and broad technological and economic shift in which software companies are poised to take over large swathes of the economy.

Marc Andreessen was right. Not all the executive statements are created equal, and what he observed so accurately 10 years ago – most definitely takes the cake. Guess what, 10 years later, we are facing a brand-new phenomenon that is equally profound and far-reaching. IMHO, this is the decade of: “Content is eating the world” – for several reasons”

It seems to me that Josh already understands the above, intuitively, and what it means for future revenue streams at Meez. What I learned over the years is that it is not just technology innovation that makes all the difference. Business Model Innovation is as disruptive as Technology Innovation and yet I see too many companies focused on pushing their product out the door – while losing ~70% of untapped revenue streams…

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