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Whym's CEO Kelly Nyland on the power of conversational commerce

Whym's CEO Kelly Nyland on the power of conversational commerce

Episode 83

Finding new ways for e-commerce to connect with consumers is driving today’s guest, Kelly Nyland, Co-Founder and CEO of Whym, to help brands and retailers sell more products via SMS and messaging. Whym has raised $4.3M to build a conversational marketing platform that allows a direct relationship between buyers and sellers using messaging as the medium.

About Kelly Nyland:
Over the past 15 years, Kelly has had a hand in building four successful tech companies, two of which have realized public offerings during her tenure. As CEO Whym, she has garnered the support and backing of well-respected Silicon Valley investors.

She has introduced over 120 digital products, software, apps, and consumer electronics to market in 40 countries. Kelly has worked across a variety of emerging technology sectors including mobile VR / AR, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and voice-enabled TTS / STT.

She has been responsible for helping startups launch, market, and grow both in the US and overseas. Kelly has lead international GTM and sales teams for over 20,000 points of sale, architected partnerships with Apple and Amazon teams, globally, and established B2B software partnerships for education and developer networks.

In this episode we discuss:

01:19 Kelly’s background and how she ended up Co-Founding Whym
03:42 How the Snap Spectacles launch went down
07:14 Lessons she learned from the launch of Snap Spectacles
12:14 The initial idea behind Whym
16:25 Streamlining the conversational marketing channels
21:32 The IP around conversational marketing and early test cases
23:16 How the conversational marketing process works for the consumers
25:04 Why text is a vital channel
27:40 Early adopters of conversational marketing
30:48 How Whym works for brands and retailers
31:42 The pricing model of Whym and the ROI for brands
34:37 How their recent funding round went
36:27 Whym’s future plans

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