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Was RenoRun Abandoned By Investors or Just Another Mannequin Startup? Matt Cohen joins the BetaKit Podcast to discuss

Episode 136

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Ripple Ventures
Join your host, Matt Cohen, Founder & Managing Partner at Ripple Ventures for weekly conversations with leaders in the startup ecosystem discussing the truth about investing, building and running startups.
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The tables have turned on our host Matt Cohen who was recently a guest on the BetaKit podcast and had a spirited discussion about the recent meltdown of RenoRun. BetaKit features weekly podcasts discussing Canadian technology news and global startup news from a Canadian perspective and it was an honour to be a guest on the show. You can listen to the whole episode where Matt shares the history of Ripple Ventures and a lot more here.

From BetaKit’s post:
BetaKit has reported this year on LPs unable to honour capital calls, leaving Canadian VCs to pull out or renegotiate deals with Canadian startups—one of those startups being Montréal-based RenoRun, which recently filed for creditor protection after failing to raise four different rounds to keep the company alive (along with a few other Hail Mary attempts). Most recently, the Globe and Mail reported that Toronto-based Clearco is looking to raise $20 million USD at a $200 million USD valuation—one-tenth of what it was at its height (BetaKit can confirm we’ve heard the same numbers).

You know things are bad when pension-backed VCs like OMERS Ventures’ Laura Lenz are trying to encourage downtrodden founders by tweeting that her firm is still investing.

This week we also welcome back John Ruffolo to break down the big tech news.

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