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Tank Talk: Uri Pomerantz (VC @ Jackson Square Ventures) Anti-Hype Venture Investing

Tank Talk: Uri Pomerantz (VC @ Jackson Square Ventures) Anti-Hype Venture Investing

On today’s Tank Talk! We welcome our guest Uri Pomerantz, Venture Partner at Jackson Square Ventures to discuss, “The Truth About Anti-Hype Investing”

Uri has an incredible background as a former Mckinsey consultant, Startup Founder and Venture investor.

As a founder, Uri built a startup that was acquired by a Fortune 500 company (John Hancock), and went on to launch a fintech savings app within John Hancock called Twine which was awarded the best overall Fintech mobile app in 2019. Uri went on to lead strategic partnerships and new ventures at John Hancock, to invest in, partner with, and incubate new fintech startups globally.

Prior to founding his first company, Uri also founded Jozoor Microfinance, as a non-profit microfinancing company focused on providing loans to help unemployed Palestinian and Israeli youth create new businesses in their communities in his early days.

On today's talk, we ask Uri how Jackson Square Ventures defines “Anti-Hype Venture Investing” and why it is such a focus for the firm which has backed amazing companies like DocuSign, Strava and UpWork? We discuss how Uri sees the future of Venture Capital changing as more first time founders are rethinking moving to the Bay area and his views on emerging markets as it relates to venture capital.

Uri’s Book Recommendations:

- Man's Search For Meaning

- Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

- Nonviolent Communication (A Language of Life)

- The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

Uri’s words of inspiration - “Get to the best place you can personally and internally before you go out to do great work with others .”

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