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Standing with Israel - A discussion with Itamar Novick of Recursive Ventures
Standing with Israel - A discussion with Itamar Novick of Recursive Ventures
Episode 161

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There are moments that can make your day-to-day life come to a halt. What happened in Israel on 10/7 is the sort of public tragedy that stops the normal course of life, it also creates an impact of devastation that will go on for years to come.

These events have struck a chord with us personally as members of the Jewish community. Many of our investors and partners share this connection, whether directly or indirectly, and are being impacted by these unspeakable events.

As a firm, we want to clearly state that we unequivocally stand behind Israel and its right to defend itself and its people against terrorism. In the face of terrorism or any acts of violence against our fellow communities, we will remain resolute in our support.

We are grateful for the messages of concern and solidarity that we have received from both Jewish and non-Jewish founders and VC colleagues who have reached out to inquire about the safety of our family and friends during these events.

In times like these, we all need to support one another.

Today we welcome Itamar Novick, an operator, investor, and Israeli who founded Recursive Ventures, a firm based in Berkeley, CA.

We spoke about the news he is getting from the ground in Israel and his views on what the future might hold for the country and the world. We also have John Ruffolo on to discuss the current headlines making news around the world.

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