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Rob Petrozzo, co-founder of Rally Rd, on "Democratizing investing in rare collectables"

Rob Petrozzo, co-founder of Rally Rd, on "Democratizing investing in rare collectables"

Today on Tank Talks! We have Rob Petrozzo, co-founder of Rally Rd to talk about “Democratizing investing in rare collectables.”

Rob’s Background: 
Rob Petrozzo is the Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Rally Rd, a platform where investors can buy and sell equity shares in collectible assets like cars, watches, sports memorabilia and art. The company aims to make investing in these illiquid assets more exciting, safe and accessible to everyone. Rally recently closed a $17 million in fundraising from some amazing backers, both strategic and financial including Porsche Ventures, the Raptor Group and Co-Founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian.

In this episode we discuss:

01:59 How Rally Rd got its start

04:43 What it took to get to launch

06:50 The decision to jump into different asset classes

08:41 Fee structure and the business model

10:27 How an IPO works on Rally Rd

11:27 Demographics of the average Rally Rd investor

13:34 The strength the assets are on Rally Rd

15:32 How an asset gets sold from the market

18:52 Proxy voting mechanism

19:33 Partnerships and what they look like in the future

20:53 The effect of Top Shots on the market

22:46 Rally Rd’s plan to enter the digital collectable market

24:46 NFTs and Rally Rd

26:46 Working with their high profile investors

29:48 The liquidity of the market

32:11 Growth into intangible assets

35:40 Legacy auction houses entering the market

38:28 Rob’s favorite asset on the platform

Book Rob recommends
Inside the Nudge Unit by David Halpern

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