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Overjet CEO Wardah Inam on Building the Future of Dentistry

Overjet CEO Wardah Inam on Building the Future of Dentistry

Episode 75

The healthcare industry offers a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs, and the Dental Instrusty, in particular, is experiencing rapid change and transformation with advancements in imaging and analysis. Our guest today, Wardah Inam, Co-Founder and CEO of Overjet is improving the accuracy of dental x-rays and reducing costs for providers and insurance companies. Overjet recently closed a $42M Series B with General Catalyst and Insight Partners, and has raised $75M in total venture financing.

About Wardah Inam:
Wardah Inam has been a robotics and AI researcher, operator, and now founder for the last 15 years. After completing her undergraduate work at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Wardah came to Boston to finish her schooling at MIT/Havard Business School for a Masters and PhD. After working in product management at Q bio, Wardah co-founded Overjet in 2018.

In this episode we discuss:

01:38 Wardah’s journey to starting Overjet

02:54 How she came to the dental industry

04:11 Finding her co-founders and starting the business

04:58 The experience of starting Overjet at the Harvard Innovation Labs

05:50 What Overjet’s mission is and how it works

07:32 How Overjet got access to providers

09:54 What Overjet does to solve pain points in the dental industry using AI

11:58 How Dental Service Organizations are using to Overjet to drive efficiency

14:56 The ways insurance companies are using Overjet and how they got their first insurance customers

17:54 Their sales process now that they have momentum and trust in the marketplace

18:47 Detecting suspicious claims using Overjet’s AI

21:42 Going beyond cavity detection into tumor detection

22:57 Overjet’s testing process and better than dentist bar they set for themselves and FDA clearances

25:38 How Overjet is used by dentists as a communication tool to patients

28:14 The pricing model for Overjet and how that evolved

29:30 Learnings from their pricing experimentation

32:13 Plans for their recent raise and the long term vision for Overjet

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