Sep 16, 2021 • 1HR 2M

Mo Koyfman from Shine Capital on Embedded FinTech as the new SaaS 3.0

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The transitions into different eras of the web can sometimes be hard to miss, but our guest today, renowned VC investor and Operator Mo Koyfman, has seen the signs clearer than others. He helped shape Web 2.0 as an operator and is now working hard shaping Web 3.0 as an investor. Mo and Matt have a fun conversation that dives into his views on the emergence of embedded Fintech and the ways he is looking to invest in the future of Fintech.

About Mo Koyfman:
Mo Koyfman is a prolific venture capitalist who started his career investing at IAC, working underneath Barry Diller. Mo led IAC’s acquisition of Vimeo, while also acting as COO for a period of time, Mo later moved on to Spark Capital in 2008, where he led investments in companies like Skillshare, Warby Parker, Plaid, and several others.

Mo launched his new fund Shine Capital with $125 Million in funding in the Fall of 2020.

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In this episode we discuss:

03:12 Mo’s definition of embedded FinTech

16:50 How investing about learning and problem solving

27:54 Lowering SaaS CAC and increasing LTV through embedded FinTech

32:43 Calculations startups should make when deciding to add FinTech and other services

38:53 Is the fight for new corporate credit cards a race to the bottom

44:36 The future of offerings like compliance and tax services

48:24 Shine Capital’s investment thesis

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