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How to Run a Successful AGM with Matt Curtolo of Allocate

How to Run a Successful AGM with Matt Curtolo of Allocate

Episode 148

Communicating with investors is delicate — being open and transparent is always the preferred method here at Ripple, but that openness sometimes requires thoughtful framing, especially when dealing with private companies and investments. Our guest today is Matt Curtolo, Managing Director at Allocate, an Alternative investment platform allowing greater access to high-performing venture funds.

Matt has 20 years of experience in private financing from his time at MetLife; Hirtle, Callaghan & Co.; and Hamilton Lane. We spoke about assessing subjective qualities like trust, openness, and responsiveness when evaluating potential partners or fund managers, and his best advice for other fund managers when deciding on running a successful AGM.

We also have John Ruffolo to run down the news of the week.

About Matt Curtolo:
Matt Curtolo is Managing Director, Investments at Allocate. Prior to joining Allocate, Mr. Curtolo spent nearly two decades as an investor and allocator within private markets. Mr. Curtolo began his career at Hamilton Lane Advisors, working in a variety of capacities, both in client service and investment roles. He holds a B.S. from DeSales University and is a CAIA charter holder.

In this episode we discuss:
(00:00:53) News rundown with John Ruffolo
(00:21:35) How Matt Curtolo’s career brought him to investing
(00:23:59) Why sports statistics played such a key role for him
(00:25:39) Matt’s time at Hamilton Lane and how it shaped his career
(00:28:34) The importance of client knowledge in the service world
(00:30:27) His time at Hirtle, Callaghan & Co.
(00:34:14) How he gauges a manager
(00:36:06) What Allocate does
(00:39:21) How Allocate decides on funds to partner with
(00:42:55) Assessing qualitative aspects like trust, openness, and responsiveness
(00:46:36) Advice to fund managers about running a successful AGM
(00:49:28) What kind of things he looks for as a perspective LP on an AGM visit
(00:52:38) How to ensure authenticity and maintain trust from allocators at AGMs
(00:55:08) Is the term “emerging manager” overused?
(00:58:18) Crafting pitches to different audiences
(00:59:38) How Allocate is working with and educating family offices on venture
(01:01:21) The illiquidity of the venture market as a feature or a bug of the market
(01:04:22) Educating new investors on the risks and rewards of venture
(01:06:34) How 2023 is shaping up as a vintage in venture
(01:08:27) How new LPs can mitigate risk and capture upside in today's market in the venture capital asset class
(01:10:23) Best career advice he’s received

Fast Favorites:

  1. 🎙- Favorite Podcast: Venture Unlocked, Acquired, Capital Allocators, The Rewatchables

  2. 📰- Favorite Newsletter /Blog: AVC (Fred Wilson)

  3. 📲- Favorite Tech Gadget: Shot Scope Rangefinder (after 20 years of “playing” golf, I’m trying to learn how to play!)

  4. 📈- Favorite New Trend: Remote work 

  5. 📚- Favorite Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People

  6. 🤔 - Favorite Life Lesson: Always assume good intentions

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