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Greg Segall of Alyce on the Future of Corporate Entertainment and Gifting Post-Covid

Greg Segall of Alyce on the Future of Corporate Entertainment and Gifting Post-Covid

What if you had a psychic digital gift concierge to help improve your corporate prospects and perhaps rid you of some decision fatigue in the process? That’s where Greg Segall, design/UX enthusiast and e-commerce expert comes in. How has this $120B industry evolved in a world where interpersonal exchange seems like an artifact of the past? All this, and more on today’s episode.

About Greg:
Greg Segall is an entrepreneur, executive, and supply-chain manager. He is the founder and CEO of Alyce, an AI powered corporate gifting platform. He was also founder and CEO of One Pica (now Astound Commerce), a global e-commerce agency, until 2012. Greg graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s degree in Design and Computer Science.

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In this episode we discuss:

02:58 The current state of the corporate entertainment world and challenges companies face

07:04 Why startups and technology companies have taken a liking to corporate gifting recently

09:21 How to scale authenticity when it comes to one-to-one interactions

16:35 Attention vs. action in a digital age

18:44 Swag as a tool to build affinity for a brand

21:43 How Alyce personalizes gift-giving

26:13 Measuring ROI in corporate entertainment

29:37 Following up with clients after hosting events and converting leads into opportunities

35:00 How the market is going to move into more intimate environments

40:36 Alyce’s growth plan

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