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Flippa's CEO, Blake Hutchison on The Rise of Digital Asset Marketplaces

Flippa's CEO, Blake Hutchison on The Rise of Digital Asset Marketplaces

Ecommerce and auctions for physical goods is a maturing space in the online world, but when you want to sell a business itself or a digital good it is much less evolved. Our guest today, Blake Hutchison, CEO of Flippa, is working to change that. Flippa has a suite of tools on its platform to help streamline these transactions and help buyers and sellers with these sometimes complicated transactions. They recently completed an $11M Series A raise led by OneVentures to expand their buying and selling options and to offer new ways to support the community.

About Blake Hutchison:
Blake leads the team at Flippa, the leading marketplace globally to buy and sell sites, stores, and digital properties. Flippa was started in Melbourne in 2009 and he joined the team in 2018. Prior to Flippa, Blake held roles at various companies, including Xero, Good44, and Lonely Planet.

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In this episode we discuss:

03:15 The current state of online marketplaces and why they have seen such explosive growth

04:15 How the marketplace worked prior to Flippa

07:04 What is the right size of deal for a site like Flippa

09:36 What buying and selling actually is like when using Flippa

13:39 How Flippa helps qualify buyers to help maximize sellers time

15:22 Other ways Flippa brings trust into the marketplace

16:42 Why most sellers are not prepared to sell at the beginning of the process

19:02 Why digital marketplaces like Flippa are more trustworthy than private sellers

20:10 Statistics from recent sales on Flippa

23:57 Are rollup funds and other institutional buyers using Flippa

24:57 How Flippa differentiates itself from other competition

29:42 How Flippa fits into the early stage VC model

31:02 Future features for Flippa

32:44 How Flippas large user base is an asset for the company and community as a whole

34:12 Plans for crypto on Flippa

34:49 What their $11M Series A will mean to them

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