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Eric Woo on the future of Venture Capital and fundraising

Eric Woo on the future of Venture Capital and fundraising

On today’s Tank Talks we have Eric Woo, founder and CEO of Revere VC. With so much funding and new ways for founders and VCs to raise capital, what will be the new normal for fundraising and VC in general.

Eric’s Background:
Eric is an experienced investor and thought leader in the emerging manager and micro VC ecosystem. Eric has deployed over $150M across funds and direct investments throughout his career. He started his career in Venture as Principal at Northgate Capital and then moved over Top Tier Capital. Most recently, Eric was Head of Institutional Capital at Angelist before launching Revere VC last year to build a new model described as the “Vanguard for Venture Capital.”

In this episode we discuss:

01:25 Why Wric is so passionate about the emerging VC space

02:52 History of emerging managers

05:20 Limits of specialization of funds

08:03 How LPs can force emerging managers to grow away from specialization

11:20 Power law and portfolio construction

13:48 SPVs for follow-on vs. reserves

15:51 Creating access through community and how LPs view side hustles

18:19 How LPs use references to vet investments

20:36 Rolling funds and how institutional investors view them

24:12 What is edge in VC in 2021

27:57 Investing in information

32:10 It’s not how you invest, it’s what you invest in

34:11 About Revere VC

35:55 How Eric is working to change the mindset around investing

38:05 Venture philanthropy

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Tank Talks
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