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Democratizing Access to Startup Investing with STONKS.com Founder Ali Moiz

Democratizing Access to Startup Investing with STONKS.com Founder Ali Moiz

Episode 89

Retail investing, meme stocks, and finding new ways to bring underrepresented and non-traditional demographics into the investor class will be a lasting impact of the last two years. Our guest today, Ali Moiz, Founder and CEO of Stonks.com is at the center of that movement. We talk with him about what led him to create the platform, which allows accelerators and investors to Livestream demo days and founder pitch sessions. We hear the story of how he got the domain, how his history led him to this, and what he plans to do with his recent funding round which he raised obviously on Stonks.com itself.

About Ali Moiz:
Ali has been a successful founder for over 20 years. Most notably as CEO of Streamlabs, a platform to improve the streaming experience for creators on platforms like Twitch. He Founded Stonks.com in 2021.

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In this episode we discuss:

03:21 Ali’s journey into startups and company building
05:35 The biggest lessons he learned from his experiences with startups
07:42 His early experiences with angel investments
09:48 What Stonks.com is and how it works
16:06 How the pre-seed and seed rounds of Stonks.com came together
18:21 How Stonks.com short-circuits the fundraising process for startups
21:11 How companies can raise capital on Stonks.com
23:09 What Stonks.com addresses that other platforms are not
28:16 How Stonks.com sets up for Demo Days
38:40 How Stonks.com is infiltrating the traditional market
41:08 Managing VC relationships offline
42:30 Ali’s advice for acquiring liquidity on the secondary share market
50:01 Building companies in and around financial crises

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