Dec 23, 2021 • 41M

Deep Dive with our Host, Matt Cohen, on a Dealmaker's DNA Podcast

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Join your host, Matt Cohen, Founder & Managing Partner at Ripple Ventures for weekly conversations with leaders in the startup ecosystem discussing the truth about investing, building and running startups.
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We are changing things up with today’s episode whereby our host, Matt Cohen, is answering the questions instead of asking them, on a Dealmaker’s DNA Podcast with Ilan Jacobson.

Ilan goes deep into Matt’s family upbringing and how he became so interested in business and investing. They dig into his journey starting Ripple Ventures and his path to becoming an entrepreneur. This episode gives you some insight into who Matt Cohen really is and how he thinks about investing, business, and family.

Topics discussed:

  • What Ripple is and why Matt started it

  • What creates entrepreneurs

  • Matt’s backstory and family upbringing

  • The level of sacrifice involved in being an entrepreneur

  • Matt’s view on failure and why everyone needs to own it

  • Matt’s constant curiosity on all things

  • Maintaining a good network

  • The line between business and personal

  • Matt’s mentors

  • How to pick jockeys (ie startup CEOs)

  • How our minds perform at the highest level and how we can take care of it