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Coaching Young Founders to Become Stronger Leaders with Joe Dunn of Cloudbreak

Coaching Young Founders to Become Stronger Leaders with Joe Dunn of Cloudbreak

Episode 157

We are big fans of coaching as a way to make career (and life) progress. Having a seasoned third party helping guide you through big decisions and day-to-day processes can be an invaluable edge in business. Our guest today is Joe Dunn, Principal at Cloudbreak - Executive and Founder Leadership Coaching.

We dig into some of Joe’s coaching strategies when dealing with young leaders, how his coaching style sets him apart from the other CEO coaches out there, and how Joe balances emotional and rational responses when coaching founders who are struggling to find ways to drive company growth and personal development as a leader.

About Joe Dunn:
Joe Dunn, Principal at Cloudbreak - Executive and Founder Leadership Coaching, is a certified CTI Professional Coach known for his "Candor Coach" role with the Radical Candor team. With an impressive client roster that includes industry giants like Airbnb, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Asana, Envoy, Segment, and Plaid, Joe specializes in coaching CEOs, founders, executives, and technical leaders in the tech sector. His extensive background encompasses key early roles in three successful startups that went public and another that achieved a noteworthy $250 million sale. From humble beginnings in startup garages to a six-year stint as a product/engineering VP in a publicly traded company, Joe brings a wealth of experience spanning all stages of company growth.

Joe's clients, typically founders, executives, and technical leaders, seek his guidance for personal and organizational growth. He offers expertise in various aspects of effective management, including hiring, communication, and navigating organizational change. Moreover, he helps clients uncover and transform fundamental personal patterns that drive success, making him a versatile and invaluable resource for individuals and organizations aiming to reach their next level of achievement.

In this episode we discuss:

(01:13) Joe’s journey to becoming a leadership coach
(04:37) Parallels between coaching and parenting
(07:45) Coaching founders and CEOs to be better communicators
(09:50) An early experience that showed Joe the importance of a good coach
(13:41) Helping founders become leaders
(15:49) How surfing around the world with his son helped Joe evolve as a coach
(18:03) Joe’s coaching style
(22:06) Advice that Joe is giving in this current market to founders
(26:13) Common traits amongst successful founders
(28:21) How founders can empower their teams and delegate
(30:42) What to do if delegating backfires
(32:14) Advice to remain mindful and have a work-life balance as a founder
(35:03) Perceptions of coaching in the marketplace
(37:34) How Founders can maintain their overall focus on their long-term vision
(40:03) Will AI replace coaches?

Fast Favorites:

  1. 🎙- Favorite Podcast: Prof Galloway

  1. 📰- Favorite Newsletter / Blog: Ben Evans

  1. 📲- Favorite Tech Gadget: Electric Bikes

  1. 📈-  Favorite New Trend: Psychedelics

  1. 📚- Favorite Book: Possession by A. S. Byatt

  2. 🤔 - Favorite Life Lesson: There's way more time than you think

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