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Building the Twitch for Day Traders with Tobias Heaslip of Trading.TV

Building the Twitch for Day Traders with Tobias Heaslip of Trading.TV

Since the onset of the pandemic, everyone became a day trader overnight, whether it was Robinhood day traders trading options in Tesla or Wall Street investors betting in meme stocks like Gamestop. On today’s show we ask Tobias why he thinks building a content creation platform for day traders is what people really want, how Trading.TV plans to integrate with other platforms who trade in stocks, crypto and other alternative assets, and more!

About Tobias:
Tobias Heaslip is founder and CEO of Trading.TV, a social livestream platform for traders and financial content creators. Previously, he was director of Technology, Media and Telecom trading at Barclays Investment Bank, Equity Trader at Och-Ziff Capital Management and Analyst at Morgan Stanley. 

In this episode we discuss:

02:00 Tobias’ personal background and why he founded Trading.TV

03:25 Tracking financial markets on social media

06:04 Competing with different online platforms

08:13 Why we need a new trading platform

09:04 What kind of content is on Trading.TV

09:58 Managing the costs of content creation

11:42 Verifying users on the platform

15:23 Incentivizing content creators on the platform

16:48 Promotional content on financial TV

18:17 Short form content for financial advice

20:40 Integrations with other platforms

21:35 Getting away from the liability of offering financial advice

23:55 How to make different asset classes digestible

30:20 Creating an inclusive and diverse community

32:12 What to expect from Trading.TV

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