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Apteo's Shanif Dhanani on How AI Can Help Advertisers Navigate Apples new iOS privacy Changes

Apteo's Shanif Dhanani on How AI Can Help Advertisers Navigate Apples new iOS privacy Changes

Episode 82

We may be leaving a golden age of digital marketing, with the rise of Facebook ads, e-commerce and other small businesses were able to find their niche audiences at a fairly reasonable price. But changes to iOS have had broad impacts across many industries. Our guest today, Shanif Dhanani, Co-Founder and CEO of Apteo is hoping to throw a lifeline to marketers of all sizes with his AI-powered platform that helps e-commerce brands personalize their marketing campaigns by predicting what their customers will buy next. Their recommendation engine identifies high-probability upsell and cross-sell ideas for each customer and syncs those recommendations to email and SMS tools.

About Shanif Dhanani:
Shanif has been in and around the Startup world for his entire career. He was an early-employee and board member of a small startup in 2006 before moving to Booz Allen Hamilton. He went to Tap Commerce and was part of its acquisition by Twitter before he co-founded Apteo in 2019. He got his bachelor’s from the University of Virginia and his MBA from NYU Stern.

In this episode we discuss:

01:29 Shanif’s journey into startups and data science
04:22 How Shanif views his own success
05:20 Why Shanif is so public about sharing his life and journey
07:08 How recommendations to consumers has evolved and improved over the years
09:53 How AI and Natural Language Processing is improving recommendations
13:19 Why e-commerce is waking up to the power of recommendations
16:43 How Apteo works for e-commerce and some case studies
21:48 What the recent changes to iOS are and how they are affecting e-commerce
24:41 How Apteo can help fill the void left from the iOS changes
30:17 How e-commerce sites can start with platforms like Apteo
33:11 The longterm vision for Apteo

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